Coastal Carolina Presentation

In response to many requests for the presentation given for the Coastal Carolina Wall College Global Business Forum key note, I’ve included it here.  You may also find the PDF link at  Enjoy!

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Moving Beyond Hand Buzzers

I read a great article in Fast Company’s Co.Design by contributing author Hellen Walters, who writes about the “4 Elements That Make A Good User Experience Into Something Great”.  As the title implies, product design is critical for not only function but also to set expectations for “what we expect (the product) to do, and then, ideally, get the hell out of our way until we need it again”.  Apple products, such as the iPod, are great examples.  Apple was the first to introduce a music player that was intuitive, attractive (red anyone?), and didn’t scare the Belarus out of you!  For us working in the toy industry (and especially for us integrating more technology into our designs), these concepts are as important as ever and should be a part of the design team’s tattoo collection.

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Solar Powered Cars?

The Next Green AND Solar Building?

An interesting story about solar power gives an exciting glance at the future of solar panels, which fundamentally changes the preconceived notion that solar panels need to lie flat, spread out over acres of space, and require hours of sunlight in order to be most efficient.  The new concept allows for solar panels to be built in just about any size or shape, providing potential applications to structures, towers, and even public artworks!  Could this mean that in the future, ALL structures will be made to produce solar power?  Could it mean that existing solar panel eyesores could become works of arts and spread throughout a city?  The possibilities are exciting!

Music Google-ution!

Google Music launched on Thursday, so I now can see my favorite bands from space?  Not quite, but it does appear the new music service will give iTunes a run for its money.  Just based on the reach and scale of Google and Android (Android’s market share has doubled in the last year) compared to Apple and iTunes, you would think by default the behemoth has a competitive advantage, but there does appear to be a few features in Google Music that will put iTunes to the test.

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Asian GenConnect

The statistics are staggering.  Between growth in Asia and the empowerment of young generations, the influence of technology on our lives, and our businesses, is a force more powerful than we can imagine.  According to Advertising Age, here are some very interesting statistics:

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